Hi, I’m Stavros.

Firstly, thanks for visiting my website! I’ve spent most of my life in England believing all the negative things that people tell you about the world. I was always too poor or too worried to do the travelling thing and I made it all the way to 33 with only a handful of holidays to show for my life experience. That’s all changing now though. I’ve left my life in the UK as an amateur MC, DJ and freelance animator to explore the globe.

In the UK I’ve played at most of the big festivals and done club gigs supporting the likes of So Solid Crew, Oxide & Neutrino, DJ Derek, Riz MC, MC Vapour and Goldie Lookin Chain at events all over the UK. My need to explore and see the world now takes priority though. The wanderlust is too great.

The first step was getting out of the UK and away from the party scene and I’ve done that. I escaped to Tignes in the Alps and now the road is opening up before me. My journey has started and I want you all to come along for the ride.

I’ve always been handy with creative software and the plan is to vlog my way around the world with my guitar. I can freestyle MC, play guitar and beatbox a little. I’ll hopefully be putting all these skills to use on the road as I attempt to find other musicians to jam with. The long term goal is to meet enough musicians all over the world to create an album or two of found sounds and story songs… but we’ll see what happens.

If you’d like to follow my journey then subscribe to my YouTube channel. There’s already a few episodes online and hopefully over the coming years there will be more added – so subscribe to follow my adventures.

If you want to collaborate on some music or a video project then get in touch. If not I hope that you enjoy the channel.

Above all though remember to always…

Stay safe, bless up and float on.

– Stavros